Gift Voucher – car lamps tinting

From 250,00  bez VAT

Two headlights or two rear lamps.

Various tint degrees to choose from .

PPF (paint protection films with self healing effect) – three shades to choose from : Light Black or Dark Black or Clear PPF Premium Guard+Top

APA (cast films)- four shades to choose from : 92.2-FP  Light, 92.3-FP Medium Light , 92.4-FP Medium Dark and 92.5-FP Dark

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Produkty dostępne od ręki: 1-2 dni robocze
Produkty na zamówienie: 5-7 dni roboczych

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Valid date :  31.03.2023 r.

In the desription: please write name and surname of the recipient

To use the voucher, please contact the service office.

phone: 500 725 329 or 506 200 787


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