Online wholesaler of car and window films

Properly selected car films improve the appearance of the car and protect the paint from damage. If you are looking for such a product, check out the offer prepared by the Folani store. The Solar Elite brand brings together films produced in accordance with applicable standards and norms. Thanks to this, in our warehouse, every customer will find window and car wrapping films that meet all their needs.

Window and Car films

Our warehouse sells online. Thanks to this, everyone can buy all of the products we offer, regardless of where exactly they live. The assortment of our store includes carefully selected films used for:

  • thermal insulation,
  • sun protection,
  • window tinting,
  • mirror-like,
  • decorative,
  • anti-burglary protection,
  • wrapping car windows and lamps,
  • color change,
  • paint protection (PPF).

The offer is really wide and allows you to find car or window films tailored to individual expectations. The Solar Elite brand brings together the best foils produced in the EU and the USA in one place. Therefore, you can be sure that the films for car windows and others purchased in our warehouse are a guarantee of the highest quality.

Car films  – wholesale and assembly workshop

We test the functionality and quality of the car films we offer in practice, because we work on them ourselves. In addition to a wide selection of car wrapping films, we also run an assembly workshop in PoznaƄ. As part of it, we provide services such as:

  • tinting car windows,
  • car paint protection,
  • car wrapping.

Regardless of whether you decide to wrap cars to protect them, change the color of the car or want to install sun protection window films, we are at your disposal! We provide professional service as well as attractive prices and a large selection of car and window films that allow you to take care not only of visual aspects, but also safety.